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Odour Removal

Odour in rugs can arise from many sources that may include vomit, pet urine odour, faeces, cigarette odour, disaster contaminates or just plain soil. Routine cleaning automatically eliminates the cause of general soiling odours.


Rug decontamination and odour removal normally requires highly specialized chemicals, procedures and techniques.


Odour removal involves four general principles:

  1. Removing the source as possible
  2. Determining the best method and thoroughly cleaning all affected fibres
  3. Recreating the conditions of penetration with appropriate counteractants
  4. Sealing restorable surfaces as necessary

The Oriental Rug Spa are certified professionals and are trained and experienced in dealing with rug-related odours. We have the appropriate detection tools, latest equipment, specialized chemicals and most importantly, the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with odours of all types and kinds.

Pet Urine Odour

Pet urine is a frequent issue in oriental and other fine rugs. Pet urine needs to be properly released and removed to be successful. Understanding the molecular composition of pet urine is an important step in effectively removing pet odours from rugs. As the urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals, which consist of uric acid, urochrome, urea, proteins, hormones, bacteria and other ingredients, become even more concentrated and pungent. Simple “carpet cleaning” will not remove this odour from your rug, in fact will make the odour worse.


At the Oriental Rug Spa, we perform a thorough pre inspection and dye colour fast test and where appropriate, a full submersion in a sanitation bath is carried out. Our sanitisation chemicals counteract the urine crystals at a molecular level enabling us to remove even the most pungent of urine odours. We are very proud to boast a 100% success rate of rugs treated to date and stand behind our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


Side note: It is important to note that whilst pet odour removal is achievable, most pet urine stains cause permanent colour damage or physical fibre damage.  Pet urine can break down the dyes or fibres in wool, silk and cotton rugs, causing dye migration or fibre degradation.  We therefore strongly recommend protecting your rugs after they are professionally cleaned allowing you more “mop up” time before the urine can cause any permanent damage