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Oriental Rug Types

Hand knotted - an authentic oriental rug is handmade and either knotted with pile or woven without pile (flat weave). The majority of these rugs come from the "orient" or the "east". Countries include Afghanistan, Turkey, Cypress, Iran, India and China. The hand knotted rugs are usually either a wool or cotton foundation with a wool face. Generally speaking, the tighter or smaller the knot, means the more the more valuable the rug as it takes longer to weave and has more fibre and often weighs more. Because of their beauty, these rugs can enhance the look and feel of any room in a home.


A flat weave is a textile woven without any pile. These make great wall hangings


Tribal rugs - these are essentially a "one off" piece of art work that tells a story. These rugs are made in small villages and are more unique to an individual or family.


Indian - woollen rugs that are made to resemble oriental rugs. These are generally thicker than most oriental rugs. These are very common in most homes.


Pakistan - woollen rugs that are woven on a cotton foundation with an asymmetrical knot. A popular example is the Bokhara. It is not unusual that these rugs are tea washed to give an aged look.


Afghanistan - woollen rugs that are coarsely woven with a gul (rose) design. These rugs are likely to bleed and shrink with moisture


Moroccan - woollen rugs with a thick and shaggy pile on a cotton foundation. Traditionally hand woven in Morocco, these rugs bleed with moisture. They are very popular amongst contemporary folk art.


Prayer Rug – are made with the finest wool and natural colours in Islamic regions. Muslims face their holy city as they kneel in prayer.


Other rugs:

Shaggy - thick wool, acrylic or polypropylene rugs that have a long pile giving it a shaggy affect. These are often difficult to vacuum and can collect much impacted dry soil.


Flokati - Is a type of hand woven shaggy rug. These naturally off white thick woollen rugs are made in Greece and are regarded as a very desirable rug.


Polypropylene rugs - These rugs are very hard wearing and are extremely easy to clean. They are made on machines in mass production and can often copy the design of an oriental rug


Silk rugs - A silk rug is the only rug made of a continuous fibre. Silk rugs are usually quite expensive.


Viscose - a man-made fibre made to replicate the look and feel of a silk rug.


Sisal and Coir – These are man-made from the leaves of the Agave plant. They are very course and usually woven. They are usually seen in high traffic areas but are not recommended in areas that get wet.


Animal skins – can be very delicate and need to be cleaned by hand. They normally hold sentimental value and can be hung on walls as well as flooring.


Polyester – A man-made fibre which can be easily dyed, allowing the rug to be colourful and vibrant