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Viscose Rugs = Art Silk (Artificial )

Viscose, Art Silk, Faux Silk (Fake Silk), Rayon are some of the many names given to these types of fibers. Whatever name you know these rugs by; they are only suitable for certain areas of your home and are not suitable for areas with any chance of spills, water drips or any level of foot traffic and here’s why:

  • Viscose/rayon fibers YELLOW with moisture and light exposure. This means a simple spill of water on the rug will create what looks like a pet urine stain instead. This is from cellulose browning (these rugs are cotton byproducts, which tend to yellow/brown when wet).
  • These fibers are prone to fading, matting, and yellowing over time.
  • These are made from staple fibers which shed. Looks as if a cat clawed at it. Because these are incredibly weak fibers, these rugs shed easily, matte easily, and get a shaggier look over time as the nap of the fibers gets more and more distorted from walking on it, cleaning it, and just simply using it.
  • Releases dyes easily, especially on its first cleaning, or if ever exposed to water from a flood.


This video will show in detail about the pros and cons of owning these types of rugs and how they should be properly maintained.


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